YMS Services consist of:


     ● Consulting

     ● Training

     ● The Character Lab


In addition, via this website and YMS communications and

Newsletter, YMS is committed  to provide its Clients with

the latest Information, Tools and Trends as they relate to

the Future of Youth Marketing.


The Directors and Staff of Youth Market Systems Consulting have worked with more than 50 major corporations that pursue the infant, kid and youth markets—from baby toys to fruit juice to major motion pictures.

What sets YMS apart is in-depth and constantly updated information about the Developmental Psychology of kids and youth today—their Basic Needs, Motivations, Perceptions, Capabilities and Preferences.

This base of knowledge and insight, coupled with 25+ years of experience has resulted in an incomparable  ability to  assist companies with new product and program development, accurate assessment of viability, and ultimate maximization.

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YMS trainings can take many forms - from  one-on-one to group work. A typical YMS Training is the popular YMS half-day Age Segmentation Workshop. Click on "MORE" below to see a sample workshop description, customizable in every case to meet the specific needs of our clients.




















The Character Lab

Given the enormous popularity of cartoon characters with children, beginning in the early 1980’s YMS has been involved with both creating them from scratch (M&M Characters, for example), and maximizing them (Mickey Mouse, Garfield, Nestle Quik Bunny and many, many more.)

The creation of the M&M characters assisted M&M Mars in taking the M&M brand from a 500M a year enterprise to a billion within a few years. The right character utilized correctly and responsibly can make a major impact. 

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